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Our patented job benchmarking process & cutting edge assessments help discover the right talent to drive organisational & personal excellence.


Our assessments are designed to engage people at the deepest level. With 5 Sciences of Performance, we provide a deeper level insight than other assessments.


Our assessments allow people to utilise deeper insight to help individuals & organisations advance to higher levels of engagement, satisfaction & effectiveness.


Our assessments help individuals & organisations perform at their best by understanding & applying the unique talents they possess.

Developing assessments that build credibility, capability and cash-flow for trainers, coaches & consultants worldwide for over 30 years!

Explore the TriMetrix EQ

TriMetrix EQ is fast becoming our most popular assessment! This powerful combination is a 50+ page development report that explores a person’s Behavioural Style (DISC), Personal Motivators (MOT) and Emotional Intelligence (TTI EQ). TriMetrix EQ is the ultimate tool to take your coaching and training to the next level.

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Explore Applications for Assessments

There are many applications for assessments both personally and professionally. We have outlined a number of these common uses as well as how the TTI Success Insights suite of assessments can be applied in each. If you are looking to apply assessments in a given area in your business, take a look here form some ideas!

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We have been working with trainers, coaches and consultants around the globe for over 30 years – building their business is our business! We are on a mission to build the most effective network of accredited professionals in the world. As assessment use grows around the globe, individuals and companies expect more from their assessments and TTI SI can help you deliver!

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