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DISC Accreditation (CPBA)



Certified Professional Behavioural Analyst (CPBA)


The DISC Accreditation is a well-known, highly regarded, and extremely versatile accreditation for any trainer, coach or consultant. The TTI Success Insights DISC Accreditation is an internationally recognised accreditation that signifies a person’s understanding of the DISC assessment. The CPBA is a highly sought after designation around the globe and our accreditation process will help you earn it. If you are looking for an accreditation process to help you understand and apply the DISC model, our DISC Accreditation is a powerful addition to your qualifications.

DISC Accreditation
DISC Accreditation

Important Notice if you are considering DISC Accreditation:


Not all DISC providers are equal. Don’t be fooled by cheap marketing tag lines like “advanced”, “super-charged” or “extended”. Get your DISC accreditation with the company that literally wrote the book on DISC.

Any armchair psychologist can create a questionnaire, call it “DISC”, and proceed to sell it online making wild claims about reliability and validity — and many do. The assessment market has become flooded with dozens of “DISC”-named products, many without any validation data to support the claims made by the companies selling them. Don’t assume all DISC assessments and accreditations are offering the same quality. While the basics of the model might be similar, the science behind the assessment is what drives your success. Don’t put your business at risk! Do the research. Shop around. Probe. Ask questions. Understand the differences before choosing a partner for your business.



With so many different DISC derivatives out there, below is an outline of just a few ways that our DISC assessment is unique and can provide your business with a competitive edge. Our assessment is different because it was the first to be computerised, it is strongly validated, backed by neuroscience, provides personalised reporting, and it has been locally normed. There are many more reasons below.




TTI Wrote the Book on DISC – “The Universal Language: DISC Reference Guide” is the only comprehensive manual on DISC in the world. This means you have over 280 pages of useful information on behavioural styles, presented in a visually engaging, full colour, easy-to-read layout with plenty of data and supporting research.


The First Online DISC Assessment – TTI Success Insights were the first company in the world to computerise the DISC assessment. We were also the first company to start delivering assessments online. As such, our Internet Delivery System (IDS) holds a US patent as an industry leading platform. This means that you are partnering with a company that is on the cutting edge of assessment technology.


Global Network – 7,000 professional consultants around the world choose our DISC assessment in their work. There are over 100,000 companies that have benefited from TTI products in 90 countries, profiling millions of people every year. This means we collect data and expertise from around the world to refine and improve our assessments to give you and your customers a better experience.


R4 Questionnaire – Our DISC questionnaire has been developed and refined over more than 30 years. This has resulted in our R4 Questionnaire which asks respondents for more information by having them make 96 different decisions as we collect information about their behavioural style. This robust questionnaire has helped produce the highest validity and reliability scores to date. Our assessment is more accurate, more often, than any other on the market.


Grounded in Neuroscience – With our VP of Research and Development trained as a Neuroscientist, we incorporate the latest neuroscience and even EEG brain imaging technology in the research and development of our assessments. This means that your customers connect more deeply with our assessments and will help you to achieve better results.


Strong Validation – As an indication of the rigour our assessments go through, our last study analysed over 90 million decisions from over 300,000 people across 20 different countries! Over the years, we have had our validation studies conducted by an objective, third-party, which is uncommon in the assessment industry.


Experience – We have been a trusted provider for over 30 years having accredited thousands of trainers, coaches, consultants, HR, OD, and L&D professionals across the United Kingdom. This means you can feel comfortable that we can assist you effectively implement the DISC assessment across many functions in any business.


United Kingdom Norm – Our DISC questionnaire is designed with local data samples from the Australian & New Zealand populations. We also have norms for 10 other countries, with more in the works. This means that our graphing algorithm takes into account local impacts to provide more meaningful information to your respondents.


Full Technical Report – A short PDF with history, reliability and validity information that is designed for you to be able give to your clients and introduce them to DISC and help them understand how the tool works without needing a Ph.D. in Psychology. This means you have the confidence that the assessment is grounded in science, backed by data, and free of any adverse impact.


Sophisticated Yet Simple – Our profiles do not contain pages of technical mumbo jumbo — they are designed for time-conscious business people with practical workplace goals in mind. This means that you don’t have to be a Ph.D. in Psychology to understand the profiles and create value for your participants. You will benefit from a robust assessment, coupled with simple, easy-to-understand layout and wording with visually appealing design.


Personalised Reporting – Many DISC assessments provide you with a graphical representation of your behavioural style as well as some words to explain it. The TTI report writing algorithm is the most powerful in the industry. We don’t just provide you with a “general description” of a person’s highest behavioural factor. Each report is customised to every respondent and includes feedback on all four styles — both high and low factors. This means your customers can more easily connect with the information in the report and you can spend less time explaining and more time helping them apply the information.


More Than DISC – We are proud to be the first assessment company to provide multi-science assessments that go beyond DISC, exploring deeper aspects of what makes each of us unique. Partnering with us means you have a more complete toolkit rather than a single tool to help you and your customers succeed.

DISC Accreditation

The First Multi-Science Accreditation

“When you only have a hammer, every situation is a nail.”

Unlike traditional assessment companies, we do not offer just one assessment. Many suppliers of DISC training promote the fact that DISC is all they do. With over 30 years in business, we have seen the limits of this approach first hand. When consultants have only been trained in DISC, they are prone to making errors about many types of performance and engagement issues, as well as making false assumptions about why team dynamics work well or don’t work well — in particular the true causes of conflict, and they are frequently seen using DISC in the wrong way as part of the hiring process (just to name a few common problems).

For this reason, we were the first company in the world to develop a “multi-science” suite of tools — allowing you and your customers to gain a more comprehensive understanding of individual strengths and uniqueness. With this suite, you will be equipped to solve a greater variety of OD challenges, placing you well and truly above the competition and their one-dimensional approach. Ask yourself, which builder would you prefer to hire: the one who has only a hammer, or the one with a complete toolkit?


DISC is a valuable accreditation to obtain since it is well known in the training industry and utilised by many organisations around the globe. However, in spite of some people’s attempts to market DISC as a “complete personality solution”, DISC has its limits. A builder is only as good as his tools, and that’s why the best consultants have the best range of capabilities. It is for this reason that we provide accreditations in all five of the TTI Success Insights sciences. It is most important that you decide which science will add the most value to your business or your client’s business, then gain accreditation in this/these science/s. We are the only company in the UK that can provide you with this unique competitive advantage and at a cost-effective price. Why would you get DISC accreditation with anyone else? By partnering with us, you will still get the industry-leading DISC accreditation from the company that wrote the textbook on DISC — plus so much more.



To access the DISC profile, accreditation is first required. To achieve your DISC accreditation, you will need to complete either our DISC E-Learn or arrange for your organisation to have an In House Accreditation with a senior member of our training team. Upon completion of the DISC Accreditation you will attain certification in DISC (Behaviour).


As part of this accreditation you will receive:


*An Internationally Recognised Accreditation


*A one to one coaching session with a senior member of our training team


*Access to 10 Cutting Edge Assessment Tools


*The accreditation workbook


*Research Studies, Technical Reports and Validation Data


*Access to the “Diamond Portal” containing materials and resources relating to DISC


*A license card and TTI Success Insights UK lanyard


*Complimentary ongoing support and advice anytime you need it


Unlike most assessment companies, we are able to provide you with more than one perspective, ensuring you have a more complete understanding of human performance. In total, we offer 5 sciences of performance. Attending the DISC accreditation will ensure you have more tools, resources, solutions, and better quality training to solve more organisational development challenges — and add significant value to your organisation.


There are several options available for attending this course. Our most popular option is our is our online E-Learn solution. The next option can be delivered as an In-House Program. Where necessary, the program can also be Facilitated Online, staged over a series of webinars (minimum of 3 participants).

Contact us to speak to a team member about our accreditation options.

DISC Accreditation


There are no complicated forms in order to register. Just give our team a call and they will take care of it all for you!

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