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Are You an Independent Consultant, Coach Or Trainer Looking to become a tti Success Insights reseller?

Separate yourself from other business coaches and consultants by becoming a Value Adding Associate with the world’s leading assessment company for just £3950+VAT.



♦ 5 Globally Recognised Science Accreditations


♦ Access To 55 Powerful Assessments 


♦ License To Make Profit From Assessments 

We’ve Worked with 100,000+ Clients Since 1984

For over 30 years we have been partnering with trainers, coaches and consultants around the globe to help grow their business. We are not a training or consulting company – we are an assessment company! This means that all of our resources are dedicated to help our partners market, sell and implement assessment-based talent management solutions. It also means that when we work with your business we do not compete with you for training, consulting or coaching – instead, we are your partner. Our VAAs love partnering with us because:


We have 5 Sciences of Performance

Our assessments are built on the foundation of 5 sciences of performance exploring Behaviours, Motivators, Emotional Intelligence, Acumen/Decision Making and Competencies. These sciences are key areas to a person’s performance in the workplace.


We Have A 55 Piece (and growing) Assessment Toolbox

Each of our 5 sciences has multiple assessments belonging to it that our VAAs have in their ‘tool box’ including talent and data reports, in-depth coaching reports, job benchmarking reports, gap analysis reports and interactive group/team reports. This makes the TTI SI Suite the most versatile set of assessments in the world.


Our Tools Are Safe To Use

Rigorous data analysis by internal research teams and independent statisticians has enabled us to build credible assessment tools that integrate into the most modern and effective methods in the marketplace. Our tools have gone through all necessary validity/reliability/discrimination checks and adhere to the most strict data protection requirements. This means that when you’re using TTI Success Insights assessments with your clients, you can have complete peace of mind.


We Were The First Assessment Organisation In the World To Use Multi-Science

TTI Success Insights was the first company in the world to pioneer the “multi-science” approach to assessing people, meaning we use multiple assessments, exploring different traits to gain a well-rounded and complete understanding of a person.


We Have Over 30 Years’ Experience

We have been a trusted provider in the United Kingdom and the world for over 30 years having accredited thousands of professionals. We are a well-established business with a proven track record and are not going anywhere.


The People with the Passion Own the Business

We are not owned by an investor, publishing house or multi-national. TTISI Global is still privately owned by its founders and they control how money is allocated to research and development. This means we are focused on longevity and success not a quick £ for shareholders.


Our Sciences And Assessment Tools Apply To The Entire Employment Life-Cycle

Our assessments are used in every kind of business function, including recruitment, induction, team building, sales & customer service training, coaching, and leadership development.

Learn More About Becoming A Distributor
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1 Person VAA/Reseller Package Includes:


♦5 Accreditations for one person in the TTI Success Insights science of performance i.e. DISC/Behaviours, Motivators, Emotional Intelligence, Acumen/Decision Making and Competencies.


♦Access to a 55 piece assessment toolbox applicable to the entire employment life-cycle.


♦Access to the wholesale pricing structure, enabling you to turn assessment use into a profit stream.


♦Access to the Internet Delivery Service (IDS) where you can manage assessment reports and completion links.


♦Access to customisable assessment reports with the ability to brand reports and questionnaires with your logo.


♦Access to the exporting of report data for advanced client reporting.


♦Accreditation ID card and lanyard, providing credibility and assurance.


♦Access to free and unlimited support from our highly experienced team.


♦Access to the “TTI Success Insights UK Diamond Portal” a large online resource site filled with content to assist you in your use with the assessment tools.


♦The TTI Success Insights welcome toolbox.

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As a coach, trainer or consultant how often do you have the opportunity to create a revenue stream AFTER your work engagement with a client has finished? TTI Success Insights is well known as being the industry leader for assessment tools and now with our Value Adding Associate business opportunity you can create revenue when your project has finished by leaving the assessment part of your work in the safe hands of your client’s L+D or HR team. For example, you may have been working on your client’s senior leadership team’s communication skills and you could have chosen any of TTI Success Insights’ assessments to help you do this. Your client is thrilled with your results, the senior leadership team are communicating much more effectively with each other by gaining insights into their unique communication styles and your work there is done! Or is it? Your client was so happy with the impact you made with the assessment tools, that they want to roll these tools out to their managers or all of their employees across the organisation, and they want to do this via their internal L+D team. This example scenario is common amongst our network and one where becoming a TTI Success Insights UK Value Adding Associate (VAA) would make a big impact on your bottom line. This is a fantastic opportunity to become a re-seller or a Distributor of world leading assessment tools and make profit margin on every single assessment your client uses, whilst you’ve moved on to your next coaching, training or consulting project with another client.

Assessments Aren't Created Equally. Here's Why Ours Are the Most Accurate & User-Friendly


Jeb Brooks- The Brooks Group

Chris Young- The Rainmaker Group

Michael Abelson BA, MA, MBA, Ph.D- The Abelson Group

“We’re in the self-awareness business. The tools, the products and the solutions TTI SI provides uncover that self-awareness. TTI SI is an integral part of what we do.”

“Our clients rely on us to provide objective, accurate, comprehensive insights into the true potential of sales candidates. TTI SI’s multi-science assessments are the ONLY instruments with validity backed by brain research. The TTI SI Team and their VAA network have become our trusted advisors, friends, and business partners.”

“Of all the assessments we have seen in the industry, we have found TTI SI’s suite of assessments to be the most accurate, easy to use, and effective for our over 1,500 clients.”

TTI Success Insights Were Selected Among the Top Training Industry Top 20 Assessment and Evaluation Companies Worldwide in 2020





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