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Motivators Profile



The most powerful motivation comes from within — from our core values. Yet, very few people can articulate their own values or are aware that all values can be traced back to half a dozen primary “motivators”. The WPMOT assessment provides us with a model to better understand and unlock the power behind these personal motivators.



Workplace Motivators explores the question: WHY do we move into action?


A motivator (or value) is a cluster of beliefs with a similar underlying pattern or idea that we believe to be fundamentally important. Our primary motivators help determine what gives us joy, happiness, energy and purpose — at work and in life.

Our strongest motivators provide us with a continuous source of motivation to seek out their fulfilment. They are also the source of dissatisfaction when they are violated or ignored. When it comes to business partnerships, just as it does with dating and falling in love, people can overcome basic behavioural (DISC) differences, but values are the thing that will make or break a relationship.



The Workplace Motivators profile is a 14-page report. It takes you a step beyond the standard behavioural assessment to dive deeper into the world of personal values. The 6 core Motivators measured are:


  • Theoretical – A drive for knowledge and learning.
  • Utilitarian – A drive for practicality, value and ROI.
  • Aesthetic – A drive for beauty and creative expression.
  • Social – A drive for compassion and helping others.
  • Individualistic – A drive for uniqueness, status and to lead.
  • Traditional – A drive for unity, order and a system for living.

Note: The Workplace Motivators also includes feedback on what a person should try to avoid based on his or her motivators. TTI’s brain-based research confirms that this has a deep subconscious impact on our decision making.


Motivators Profile

Everyone is different. People connect with certain tasks, ideas, and people for a variety of personal reasons. When we have a framework to understand why people move to action, we are better equipped to influence, engage and lead others. However, understanding a person’s motives is only one piece of the puzzle. With more information, we can have a much greater impact, and this is where our “multi-science” assessments come in.


Why is Multi-Science Important?


When we only use Motivators (or any single-dimensional assessment), we only have one perspective to understand people. By combining the DISC profile with the Motivators assessment (known as Talent Insights), we have not only WHY a person moves into action but HOW they will attempt to satisfying these motivators. With this combined information, we can start to understand why two people with a strong Social motivator (the drive to help others) will go about it in very different ways. For example, one person with a strong Social motivator with a high “D” behavioural style will likely want to help others, but will do so in a direct and forceful way, while a person with the same strong “Social” motivator and a high “S” behavioural style will likely help others by being patient, supportive and sharing. With a multi-science approach, we have a more complete understanding of an individual and we can develop plans to help them be more effective, personally and professionally.


To better understand the concept of the multi-science approach and the advantages of the TTI Success Insights suite of tools, check out our blog post Advantages of the TTI Success Insights Suite.



The Workplace Motivators reports are available in a number versions, each designed to support your initiatives and help you achieve your desired results.


All of our tools have been designed with flexibility, practicality, and multiple uses in mind. This means you can invest once in the right profile and use it throughout the employee life cycle to maximise your investment. As a single-science report, Workplace Motivators explores personal motivators ONLY.


There are three types of reports in the TTI Success Insights Motivators series, including:


  • WPMOT Job Profiles – Providing a validated way to profile the unique positions in any business and determine the “ideal” motivators of a superior performer. We refer to this as “Position Benchmarking”.
  • WPMOT Coaching and Development Reports – These reports have been designed to comprehensively explore a person’s personal motivators. Each report includes both personalised content as well as graphs for deeper interpretation.
  • WPMOT Team Reports – A report designed to explore the values of a group or team. Using the TTI Success Insights Motivators Wheel, this report places up to 20 people into a single report to better understand what motivates the group as a collective.

The Motivators profile is found in many of our multi-science assessments including Talent Insights, TriMetrix EQ, TriMetrix ACI, TriMetrix DNA and TriMetrix HD.

Motivators Profile


The Motivators profile is commonly used in the following functions:

  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Induction
  • Position Benchmarking

Training and Development:
  • Leadership Development
  • Communication Effectiveness
  • Team Effectiveness
  • Sales Development
  • Customer Service Training
  • Coaching/Mentoring Relationships

Strategy and Management:
  • Competency Framework/Development
  • Engagement/Motivation
  • Planning and Strategy
  • Change Management
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Outplacement
  • Culture/Transformation

  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Family Relationships
  • Marriage Counselling
  • Career Planning
Motivators Profile

Motivators Accreditation


To access the Motivators profile, accreditation is first required. To achieve your Motivators accreditation, you will need to complete our DISC and Motivators accreditation programme. Upon completion of the DISC and Motivators Accreditation you will attain certification in DISC (behaviour) and Motivators (motivation/values).

As part of this accreditation you will receive:


  • 2 Internationally Recognised Accreditations
  • Access to 13 Cutting Edge Assessment Tools
  • The first ever DISC Reference Book and Motivators Materials
  • The Complete Accreditation Slide Deck
  • Research Studies, Technical Reports and Validation Data
  • Complimentary ongoing support and advice anytime you need it

Unlike most assessment companies, we are able to provide you with more than one perspective, ensuring you have a more complete understanding of human performance. In total, we offer 5 sciences of performance. Attending the DISC and Motivators accreditation will ensure you have more tools, resources, solutions, and better quality training to solve more organisational development challenges — and add significant value to your organisation!


There are several options available for attending this course. Our most popular option is our Public Program run around the United Kingdom on a regular basis. The next option can be delivered as an In-House Program. Where necessary, the program can also be Facilitated Online, staged over a series of webinars (minimum of 3 participants).


Contact us to speak to a team member about our accreditation options

Motivators Accreditation

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